Experienced Consultants bring Uptodate & Industry Leading
Skills to Give your Venture an Edge for Success
Steve Carlson has three decades of manufacturing, bulk production, fill/finish,
GMP, GLP, EH&S, security, and facilities design, construction supervision,
management and operations experience.  Having worked at diagnostics, drug
discovery, drug development, reagents manufacturing and medical device
companies Steve brings a unique breadth of experience and professionalism to
client engagements.
Hal Kane has a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in international
economics & relations and over 20 years of experience in media relations, and
public health. His experience includes press conferences and promotions.  He has
generated, more than 1,000 newspaper articles, speaking appearances in forums
around the world, and numerous guest appearances on radio and television shows
including the BBC, NPR, CBC, and CNN.
Sunil Singh has been a practising patent attorney for the last 12 years having
obtained his JD from Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.  With a Ph.D. in
chemistry from Stanford University and a Master's degree from Columbia,  Sunil
has worked within prestigious law firms like Pennie & Edmonds, Cooley Godward
and Dorsey & Whitney as well as within successful biotech companies like
Affymax.  His extensive and diverse client experience is an asset for new and
current clients.
Herbert Treutlein has a Ph.D.in physics from the Technical University of Munich
and conducted post doctoral research at University of Illinois and at Yale
University's department of molecular biophysics & biochemistry.  As Head of
computational biology at Cytopia Research Pty. Ltd., Herbert was responsible for
computational drug design and the modeling of molecular interactions.  He is an
adjunct senior research fellow in the faculty of pharmacy & pharmaceutical
Stefan Hemmerich is an internationally recognized  clinical scientist, inflammation
biologist and glycobiologist. with over six years of industry experience in clinical
operations including project management of phase I and II trials conducted under
FDA CDER approved INDs in transplantation, inflammation, viral hepatitis,
oncology, and cardiovascular disease. He has prepared multiple INDs, nonclinical
and clinical protocols, CRFs and study manuals and has over 15 years of  
exeprience managing pharmaceutical R&D, grant writing and peer review of grant
sciences in the dept. of medicinal chemistry, Monash University (Australia), CTO of SRD
Biosciences in Shanghai (China) and co-founder and CEO of
Qubist Molecular Design in Parkville
(Australia).  With over 20 years of experience in molecular modeling, Herbert is an asset to clients  
seeking efficient application of med chem resources for drug discovery.
John Kincaid is a skilled medicinal chemist with over 14 years of deep pharmaceutical industry
experience at successful drug discovery and development companies like Abbott labs, Amgen,
Imclone, Celgene, Renovis and Evotec.  He has led teams of medicinal chemists in successful
drug discovery campaigns focused in oncology, CNS, pain, inflammation and other therapeutic
areas.  Additionally, he has led preclinical discovery efforts, managed iterative DMPK and in-vitro
and in-vivo pharmacology, outsourced chemistry and cGMP manufacturing.  He is currently
co-founder and CEO of
Synterys, a chemistry services provider.
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applications. Stefan is regulatory Affairs Certified (RAC), has a Ph.D. from the Weizman Institute of
Science andconducted post-doctoral research at UCSF.  He was director of clinical operations at
Y'sTherapeutics, was head of biology at Thios Pharmaceuticals and held staff scientist positions at
Roche (Palo Alto) and Syntex.
Catherine Magill is an experienced biotechnology industry professional
specializing in preclinical pharmacology and cell biology consulting.  Particular
areas of expertise are oncology, inflammation and neuroscience with over a
decade of drug discovery, project leadership and scientific management
experience at companies including Khepri, Arris, Axys and Celera where she was
responsible for animal model development, target validation studies, cell biology,
biomarker development and business development support. Catherine conducted post-doctoral
research at Harvard University and received her PhD in neuroscience from Stanford University prior
to initiating her career in the biotechnology industry.
Ravi Upasani is a registered patent agent with extensive and diverse experience
interacting with patent examiners and prosecuting and filing patents.  With training
and experience in medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry, he has drafted and
filed over 150 patent applications covering small molecules, peptoids,  polymorphs,
formulations and API manufacturing processes.  Ravi has worked in biotech for
companies including Evotec, Renovis and Centaur and has a Ph.D. in small
molecule chemistry.  
Karen Meier is an RAC certified global regulatory strategist with over 15 years of
pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experience.  An expert in regulatory
compliance, she has developed and implemented regulatory strategy in support
of small molecule and antibody therapeutics and led FDA directed
communications for pre-IND, Fast-Track, End of Phase 2, and pre-NDA meetings.  
Additionally, Karen has experience managing regulatory, CMC and project
diligence in conjunction with venture and public financings.  
Therapeutic areas in
which she has direct experience include oncology (pancreatic, lung, ovarian, and hematologic),
CNS, Alzheimer’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis (RA and OA), analgesics including narcotics
(neuropathic and acute pain),
inflammation (including ocular), asthma, cystic fibrosis, anti-infective,
stroke, depression, ALS and Lyme Disease.  Karen was Director, Regulatory Affairs at KaloBios,
Threshold Pharmaceuticals and Renovis amongst other companies and her consulting
capabilities span regulatory affairs, project management and development plan generation in
support of clinical development programs.