Transactions, Operations & Proactive Business Strategy for Emerging Life Science
Ventures in Dynamic Environments

VentureEdge provides the Experience & Skills to give your Venture the Edge required to Succeed
within Volatile Business Conditions
  • Life-science companies are prone to discontinuities & disruptive events in their
    natural development
  • Difficult financial environments, like the current capital markets, add significant
    risk to successfully transitioning through disruptive growth
  • Experienced, context-oriented management smooths & accelerates the growth
    path of developing technology-driven companies
  • VentureEdge brings experience, skill & a proactive solutions to give your
    Venture the Edge required to succeed
Overview & Experience

VentureEdge LLC is a consulting company specializing in delivering a complete suite of
management and operational solutions to developing biotech and biopharmaceutical

A rising tide raises all ships, but successfully navigating turbulent times - like the
present - requires experience successfully growing companies through such
uncooperative business conditions.  

VentureEdge provides this experience and the ability to identify and build value by
combining focus with proactive strategy for the benefit of shareholders.

VentureEdge has and offers extensive experience to help lifescience companies
successfully negotiate the discontinuities and disruptions inherent in regulated drug
and diagnostics discovery and development.
What VentureEdge Does

VentureEdge specializes in general management, clinical and preclinical project operations,
biotech-pharma transactions including negotiating alliances, licensing, mergers and acquisitions,
alliance management, business plan development, intellectual property management and
prosecution and strategy formulation and implementation.

In delivering  consulting services, VentureEdge works directly with  companies' CEOs or Boards of
Directors.   Engagements may be defined strictly on a project basis or may be more open ended
and defined by duration, milestones achieved or strategic outcomes.   VentureEdge works with
both developing
Biotech and risk-stage lifescience companies as well as with more mature
Pharmaceutical companies.  VentureEdge also works with Investors and VCs to provide
management and business skills to nascent companies and start-ups as a complement to early
technical teams.

If required by Client, VentureEdge can identify additional resources with complementary
capabilities f
or specific engagements.
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