VentureEdge Services

Breadth of Experience & Capabilities at VentureEdge LLC drives Value Creation at all stages of
Enterprise development.  Clients include biotech and development stage lifescience companies,
pharmaceutical companies and strategic investment firms including venture capital.   Clients
choose the level of consulting services /and support required based on individual project needs &
business goals.  

VentureEdge provides experience across therapeutic areas (with recent exerience in oncology,
inflammation, neuroscience / CNS and pain), across technology platforms and in the context of  
drug discovery / development,  molecular diagnostics & technology platform development.  

In addition to standalone consulting projects and assignments, VentureEdge offers interim
leadership and executive management support and  can provide access (as needed) to a network
of industry experts and professionals with complementary capabilties and experience in the SF
Bay Area and beyond (including
in India through it Affiliate located in Bangalore).
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VentureEdge brings experience, contacts and local experience to international assignments with a
special focus on India and experience negotiating business alliances in Europe and Japan.  In
addition to existing relationships at major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in India,
VentureEdge leverages a spectrum of relationships with investors, contract services providers,
lawyers and business professionals in the lifesciences.  Additionally, VentureEdge can capitalize
on a broader set of preferred relationships in India.
    The VentureEdge Network
    Experienced Network Delivers Comprehensive
  • Corporate Strategy, Business
    Development, Operations
  • Patents & Intellectual Property
  • Clinical Operations / Regulatory
  • Synthetic Organic / Medicinal Chemistry
  • Biology / Molecular Pharmacology
  • Facilities Administration / GMP / GLP /
    Lab & Office Setup
  • India focused M&A Advisory Services
    and Diligence Support
  • General and Specific Business Analytics
  • Licensing & Business development
    It's Never Just What you Know ...
VentureEdge offers a comprehensive network of
quality business relationships